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Beltrame Map Map
Via Vittorio Putti 32, Bologna (BO)
Don Bosco - X Circolo didattico Map Map
Via Vizzani 56, Bologna (BO)
Don Marella Map Map
Via Populonia 9, Bologna (BO)
Garibaldi - Istituto Comprensivo 11 Map Map
Via Filippo Beroaldo 34, Bologna (BO)
Giordani - X Circolo didattico Map Map
Via Scipione del Ferro , Bologna (BO)
Gualandi - Istituto Comprensivo 10 Map Map
Viale Beroaldo 4, Bologna (BO)
Laura Bassi Map Map
Via S.Isaia 16, Bologna (BO)
Panzini - Istituto Comprensivo 11 - Map Map
Via Panzini 5, Bologna (BO)
Villetta Mattei - Istituto comprensivo n. 7 Map Map
Via Mattei 20, Bologna (BO)
Piadina - Archivio Fotografico Assessorato Turismo Comune di Rimini The Emilia Romagna Riviera
Perhaps it's one of the most known for summer and bathing tourism in Italy: along the Emilia Romagna Riviera, in the Ferrara, Rimini, and Ravenna districts, the tourist is undiscussed protagonist all through spring and summer!
Contadino siciliano indica a un ufficiale americano la direzione presa dai tedeschi, nei pressi di Troina, Sicilia, 4-5 agosto 1943 Robert Capa Retrospective - Monza
A major exhibition dedicated to Robert Capa, the greatest photojournalist of the 20th century, will be held at the Arengario in Monza, from 7th October 2018 through 27th January 2019.
Comacchio Valli (c) Archivio Fotografico della Provincia di Ferrara Ferrara Travel Guide
Province of Emilia Romagna, the ferrarese territory is rich of natural and artistic treasures: medieval villages, castles and old patrizie abodes punctuate the fertile plains and the lake zones where the nature is protected and the tourist is welcome with the typical heat of the people of the place
Argenta - Museo della Bonifica Argenta Travel Guide
Argenta is situated in Ferrara's province; it has about 22.000 inhabitants on 311 square metres divided in 13 hamlets. This city boasts of an ancient town-center ed a complex system of museums, the Ecomuseum of Argenta, grown up around a beautiful oasi of marshland.



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