Offices uniform positioned on all the national territory; they are generally open from monday to morning saturday and offer the following services: sorting of the correspondence; send of packages, periodicals, reccomended, management postal count currents and booklets of saving, actions and obligations. Here the addresses and telephone delivers.
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Empoli 1 Map Map
via della Repubblica 35/37, Empoli (FI)
Empoli 2 Map Map
via delle Olimpiadi 84/p, Empoli (FI)
Empoli Centro Map Map
via Luigi Russo 9, Empoli (FI)
Firenze Campo Marte Map Map
via del Mezzetta 1, Firenze (FI)
Firenze Novoli Map Map
via Francesco Gemignani , Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 001 Map Map
via Giuseppe Galliano 27/31, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 002 Map Map
via Scipione Ammirato 75, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 003 Map Map
piazza della Libertà 40/r, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 004 Map Map
via dei Barbadori 40/r, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 005 Map Map
via Torcicoda 107/r, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 006 Map Map
piazza Giacomo Puccini 26/b, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 007 Map Map
via Pietrapiana 53, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 009 Map Map
piazza Augusto Conti 1, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 017 Map Map
via Aretino Spinello 34, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 018 Map Map
via Camillo Benso Cavour 71/a, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 020 Map Map
piazza Filippo Brunelleschi 20/21, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 021 Map Map
piazza Ludovico Antonio Muratori 1, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 022 Map Map
via dei Caboto 37, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 023 Map Map
via Enrico Majer 9, Firenze (FI)
Firenze succursale 024 Map Map
via Francesco Caracciolo 7, Firenze (FI)

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Pablo Picasso e Françoise Gilot, Golfe-Juan, Francia, agosto 1948 Robert Capa Retrospective - Monza
A major exhibition dedicated to Robert Capa, the greatest photojournalist of the 20th century, will be held at the Arengario in Monza, from 7th October 2018 through 27th January 2019.
Cinqualino Carlo Carrà
From 4th October 2018 through 3rd February 2019, a major exhibition will take place at Palazzo Reale dedicated to Carlo Carrà (1881 - 1966), one of the greatest 20th century masters, and one of the most prominent artists of Italian art and modern European painting. His indelible mark and vital style can be recognised throughout his artistic production.
Battistero, Duomo, Campanile - Le immagini sono di proprietà dell\'Agenzia per il turismo di Firenze Florence Travel Guide
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Porto della Maremma Maremma: Grosseto, Scansano and Castiglione
Scansano, Grosseto, Castiglione della Pescaia: a fresco of hills, planted fields, towns and citadels, sea and beaches, becoming a glowing mosaic embellished by timeless architecture.



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