For a fast snack or an evening in company even with more music and so much good beer of the best nazional and foreign marks.
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Abaldoria Map Map
via Castiglione 38, Foggia (FG)
Brixton Map Map
via Barra 45, Foggia (FG)
Il Pozzo Map Map
via Barra 39, Foggia (FG)
Lowen Inn Map Map
via Manfredi 52, Foggia (FG)
Mojito Map Map
via Dell'Immacolata 17/19, Foggia (FG)
Nessun dorma Map Map
via Giordano Bruno 12, Foggia (FG)
Non solo single Map Map
via Garofalo 10, Foggia (FG)
Paraty Pub Map Map
piazza Felici 2, Foggia (FG)
Taberna Moderna Map Map
piazza Federico II , Foggia (FG)
The Brass Lion Map Map
viale Giuseppe Di Vittorio 80, Foggia (FG)
Zelig Enobar Map Map
via Arpi 56, Foggia (FG)
Grotta Bianca The Caves of Castellana
A travel indoors of the most italian karst structure did not expolred from the man, three kilometres between caves and abysses from the mythological and fantastic names.
I civili accolgono le truppe americane. Monreale, Sicilia, Luglio 1943 Robert Capa Retrospective - Monza
A major exhibition dedicated to Robert Capa, the greatest photojournalist of the 20th century, will be held at the Arengario in Monza, from 7th October 2018 through 27th January 2019.
Brindisi: il porto con il Castello di terra -  Fototeca APT Brindisi Land of Brindisi
Land of Light, Land of History: various for resources and peculiar characteristics, and endowed with a natural identity and a common substratum linking up the coast and the hinterland ones, the people living on the gentle hills and those living in the towns, sweetly spread on the plain of Brindisi.



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