The Body of Police is taken care of public safety and depends from the Ministry of the inside. It arranges special departements fro the struggle to the sale of drug, to the sophistication of the food, for the search to disappearance people and the knock-off of the booby-trap and for the strggle to the organized crime and to gangsters in type. Paricular departments is taken care of security on the roads, in the railroad station and in the airports, in sea and in mountain and to control of the immigration. The national number is 113, here you will find the addresses of the police headquarters and of the commissionerships of the zone.
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Commissariato di Milano Bonola Map Map
via Enrico Falck 12, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Cenisio Map Map
via Chianciano 6, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Centro Map Map
piazza San Sepolcro 9, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Città Studi Map Map
via Alvise Cadamosto 4, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Fiera Map Map
via Ambrogio Spinola 12, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Garibaldi - Venezia Map Map
via Giovanni Schiaparelli 8, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Greco - Turro Map Map
via Francesco Perotti 2, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Lambrate Map Map
via Maniago (angolo via Feltre) , Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Monforte Map Map
via Carlo Poma 8, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Porta Genova Map Map
piazza Venino 6, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Porta Ticinese Map Map
via Odoardo Tabacchi 6, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano San Siro Map Map
via Novara 199, Milano (MI)
Commissariato di Milano Scalo Romana Map Map
via Federico Chopin 52, Milano (MI)
Questura di Milano Map Map
via Fatebenefratelli 11, Milano (MI)
Cariatide (bleue), circa 1913 Modigliani and the Montparnasse Adventure
On 22 January 1920 Amedeo Modigliani was taken, unconscious, to the Hôpital de la Charité in Paris and died there two days later at the age of only 36, struck down by the then incurable disease of tubercular meningitis that he had miraculously managed to survive twenty years earlier.
Contadino siciliano indica a un ufficiale americano la direzione presa dai tedeschi, nei pressi di Troina, Sicilia, 4-5 agosto 1943 Robert Capa Retrospective - Monza
A major exhibition dedicated to Robert Capa, the greatest photojournalist of the 20th century, will be held at the Arengario in Monza, from 7th October 2018 through 27th January 2019.



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