How not to eat a pizza staying in Italy?Soft or crisp, "round" or "to the cut", classic, imaginative or even sweet, you find it in hundred locals and surely you will discover what more satisfies yourselves.
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Al Cantuccio Map Map
via Alessandro Furietti 1, Bergamo (BG)
All'Ancora Map Map
via Giacomo Quarenghi 12, Bergamo (BG)
Amalfi Map Map
via Gabriele Rosa 29, Bergamo (BG)
Arlecchino Map Map
piazza Sant'Anna 1/H, Bergamo (BG)
Break Map Map
via Mauro Gavazzeni 8/a, Bergamo (BG)
Busker's Map Map
piazzale degli Alpini , Schilpario (BG)
Byron Map Map
via Jacopo Palma il Vecchio 19, Bergamo (BG)
Da Nerone Map Map
via Pietro Ruggeri da Stabello 4, Bergamo (BG)
Gambero d'Oro Map Map
via Celadina 193, Bergamo (BG)
Gennaro e Pia Map Map
via Borgo Palazzo 41/b, Bergamo (BG)
Grotta Azzurra Map Map
via Pietro Ruggeri da Stabello 51, Bergamo (BG)
La Carbonella Map Map
via Giacomo Quarenghi 30/b, Bergamo (BG)
La Ciotola Map Map
viale Papa Giovanni XXIII 86, Bergamo (BG)
La Conchiglia Map Map
via Ventiquattro Maggio 2, Bergamo (BG)
La Voglia Matta Map Map
via Borgo Palazzo 155, Bergamo (BG)
Le Paghere Map Map
località Paghere 1, Schilpario (BG)
Manhattan Map Map
via Martiri di Cefalonia 7, Bergamo (BG)
Marechiaro Map Map
via Borgo Palazzo 2, Bergamo (BG)
Posta di Frosio - Caffè Ristorante Map Map
via Vittorio Veneto 169, Sant'Omobono Imagna (BG)
Ran Map Map
via Campagnola 16, Bergamo (BG)
La Grave The Caves of Castellana
A travel indoors of the most italian karst structure did not expolred from the man, three kilometres between caves and abysses from the mythological and fantastic names.
Stabilimento balneare - Archivio Fotografico Assessorato Turismo Comune di Rimini The Emilia Romagna Riviera
Perhaps it's one of the most known for summer and bathing tourism in Italy: along the Emilia Romagna Riviera, in the Ferrara, Rimini, and Ravenna districts, the tourist is undiscussed protagonist all through spring and summer!



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