How can do you send a fax? How can you use a public phone ? Do you need a internet connection? Do you have to send a letter or a parcel? Some advise and what you need to do.
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Catania 1 Map Map
viale Africa 11, Catania (CT)
Catania 11 Map Map
via Pietra Dell'Ova 59 f, Catania (CT)
Catania 12 Map Map
via Zia Lisa 155, Caania (CT)
Catania 13 Map Map
via Dottor Consoli 8, Catania (CT)
Catania 14 Map Map
via Nobili 9, Catania (CT)
Catania 15 Map Map
via Vecchia Ognina 144, Catania (CT)
Catania 16 Map Map
via Fazello 5, Catania (CT)
Catania 17 Map Map
via Fattori 10 a, Catania (CT)
Catania 18 Map Map
via Galatioto 184, Catania (CT)
Catania 19 Map Map
corso Indipendenza 250, Catania (CT)
Catania 2 Map Map
via Rapisardi 82, Catania (CT)
Catania 20 Map Map
via Etnea 215, Catania (CT)
Catania 21 Map Map
via Sebastiano Catania 205, Catania (CT)
Catania 22 Map Map
Aeroporto Fontanarossa , Catania (CT)
Catania 23 Map Map
piazza Aldo Moro , Catania (CT)
Catania 24 Map Map
via Plebiscito 626, Catania (CT)
Catania 26 Map Map
largo Guastella 21, Catania (CT)
Catania 27 Map Map
via Eleonora D'Angiò 4, Catania (CT)
Catania 3 Map Map
via Vittorio Emanuele 347, Catania (CT)
Catania 4 Map Map
via Etnea 215, Catania (CT)

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