Castello di San Giorgio Monferrato
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via Cavalli d'Olivola , , San Giorgio Monferrato - 15020 (AL)
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The Castle has its origins in the X century: in 951 in fact it is mentioned in the deed of peace that Aleramo, first marquis of the Monferrato, stipulated with the near people. The tower that still now is work of the vercellesi that occupied the feud in 1216 and destroyed the surrounding village. Episodes of sacks and destrunctions were then under the mantovana domination, until 1629 when the Gonzaga surrender themselves at the spanish that set fire it and almost destroyed it. The Castle of Saint George was later on given at the Gonzani earl that held it until 1870 created in it the park and the garden at the italian . Are besides valuable the baroque grand staircases of the courtyard of honor, the neoclassical small church and the grand facade in false gothic of 1828. In the castle there is an hotel-restaurant in the park.
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