If you are in Italy for work, you must obtaining the permission to stay, find an accommodation and know where and when you may dispatch the necessary procedures.For any problems you may go to youe Embassy or, if you are not left yet from your country you may contact Italian Embassy or Consulate.
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Anagrafe piazza Carducci Map Map
piazza Carducci , Monza (MB)
Anagrafe San Rocco Map Map
via Zara 9, Monza (MB)
Anagrafe di piazza Trento e Trieste (Palazzo Comunale) Map Map
piazza Trento e Trieste , Monza (MB)
Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura di Monza Map Map
piazza Cambiaghi Giuseppe 9, Monza (MB)
Carate Brianza Map Map
via Bergamo 20, Carate Brianza (MB)
Cesano Maderno Map Map
via Padre Boga 20, Cesano Maderno (MB)
Circoscrizione 1 Map Map
via Filippo Camperio 1/A, Monza (MB)
Circoscrizione 2 Map Map
via Michelangelo Buonarroti 115, Monza (MB)
Circoscrizione 3 Map Map
via Zara 9, Monza (MB)
Circoscrizione 4 Map Map
via Iseo 18, Monza (MB)
Circoscrizione 5 Map Map
via Giuseppe Giusti 12, Monza (MB)
Consiglio Comunale di Monza Map Map
piazza Trento e Trieste , Monza (MB)
Consolato della Costa d'Avorio Map Map
via Giuseppe Mazzini 114, Lissone (MB)
Desio Map Map
via Roggia Traversi 12, Desio (MB)
Giunta Comunale di Monza Map Map
piazza Trento e Trieste , Monza (MB)
Monza Map Map
via Giorgio Morandi , Monza (MB)
Palazzo Comunale di Monza Map Map
piazza Trento e Trieste , Monza (MB)
Seregno Map Map
via Boschina 2, Seregno (MB)
Stato Civile Map Map
piazza Trento e Trieste , Monza (MB)
Vimercate Map Map
via Torri Bianche 7, Vimercate (MB)
Cariatide (bleue), circa 1913 Modigliani and the Montparnasse Adventure
On 22 January 1920 Amedeo Modigliani was taken, unconscious, to the Hôpital de la Charité in Paris and died there two days later at the age of only 36, struck down by the then incurable disease of tubercular meningitis that he had miraculously managed to survive twenty years earlier.
Arengario di Monza Bicentennial of the Park of Monza
2005 september 14th the Park of Monza will be 200 years old. One of the greatest historical parks in Europe and the biggest one in those circled by walls.



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