Where may I apply to for an emergency? In Italy "Carabinieri" and State Police keep public order; in case of need you can refer to Fire- men, Customs officer and Forester. For health problems there are Red Cross, medical guard, first aid places, hospitals and private clinics.  
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A.S.L. Map Map
via Testaferrata 1, Siracusa (SR)
Azienda Ospedaliera Umberto I Map Map
via Testaferrata 1, Siracusa (SR)
Carbone - Bongiovanni Map Map
viale Teracati 156, Siracusa (SR)
Casa di Cura Santa Lucia Map Map
via Lombardia 1, Siracusa (SR)
Casa di Cura Villa Azzurra Map Map
via Cassaro , Siracusa (SR)
Casa di Cura Villa Mauritius Map Map
via Francofonte 5, Siracusa (SR)
Casa di Cura Villa Rizzo Map Map
via Sebastiano Agati 3, Siracusa (SR)
Centrale - Terranova Map Map
via Maestranza 42, Siracusa (SR)
Ciulla Map Map
via Algeri 30, Siracusa (SR)
Comando Gruppo di Siracusa Map Map
via Epicarmo 14, Siracusa (SR)
Comando Provinciale Vigili del Fuoco Map Map
via Augusto Von Platten 33, Siracusa (SR)
Commissariato di Siracusa Ortigia Map Map
via dei Mille 47, Siracusa (SR)
Croce Rossa - comitato provinciale Siracusa Map Map
via Giacomo Matteotti 36, Siracusa (SR)
Dei Comuni - Rizza Map Map
viale Comuni 32, Siracusa (SR)
Del Popolo - Agosta Map Map
via Archia 32, Siracusa (SR)
Euripide - Dottor Salvatore Scacco Map Map
piazza Euripide 5, Siracusa (SR)
Favara Map Map
viale Scala Greca 399/C, Siracusa (SR)
Favata E Gioia Map Map
via Misterbianco 11, Siracusa (SR)
Fichera Map Map
corso Gelone 91, Siracusa (SR)
Formica - Magro Della Dottor Formica Francesca Map Map
via Modena 16, Siracusa (SR)

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Cariatide (bleue), circa 1913 Modigliani and the Montparnasse Adventure
On 22 January 1920 Amedeo Modigliani was taken, unconscious, to the Hôpital de la Charité in Paris and died there two days later at the age of only 36, struck down by the then incurable disease of tubercular meningitis that he had miraculously managed to survive twenty years earlier.
Alberi Holidays and nature
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