Where may I apply to for an emergency? In Italy "Carabinieri" and State Police keep public order; in case of need you can refer to Fire- men, Customs officer and Forester. For health problems there are Red Cross, medical guard, first aid places, hospitals and private clinics.  
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A.S.L. Sondrio - Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico Map Map
via Nazario Sauro 36/38, Sondrio (SO)
Azienda Ospedaliera Valtellina e Valchiavenna - Presidio di Sondrio Map Map
via Stelvio 25, Sondrio (SO)
Biglioli Map Map
largo Pedrini 5, Sondrio (SO)
Comando Provinciale di Sondrio Map Map
largo Sertoli 5, Sondrio (SO)
Comando Provinciale Vigili del Fuoco Map Map
via Giuliani 27, Sondrio (SO)
Comunale 1 Map Map
via Nazario Sauro 2, Sondrio (SO)
Comunale 2 Map Map
piazzale Toccalli 15, Sondrio (SO)
Comunale 3 Map Map
via Maffei 32, Sondrio (SO)
Croce Rossa - comitato provinciale Sondrio Map Map
via Diego Gianoli 2, Sondrio (SO)
Guardia medica di Sondrio Map Map
via Stelvio 25, Sondrio (SO)
Ospedale di Chiavenna Map Map
via Cereria 4, Chiavenna (SO)
Ospedale di Morbegno Map Map
piazza Sant'Antonio 3, Morbegno (SO)
Polizia Stradale Map Map
piazzale Attilio Toccalli 35, Sondrio (SO)
Quadrio Map Map
piazza Rusconi 5, Sondrio (SO)
Questura di Sondrio Map Map
via Venticinque Aprile 20, Sondrio (SO)
Sondrio - Centralino Map Map
via Venticinque Aprile 20, Sondrio (SO)
Stazione di Sondrio Map Map
piazzale Lambertenghi 3, Sondrio (SO)
Stazione di Sondrio Map Map
via Rota 29, Sondrio (SO)
Tremonti Map Map
via Dante 1, Sondrio (SO)
Skiddi1 Alpine World Ski Championship
From January 28 to February 13, 2005 in High Valtellina goes on the show more wait of the season: a tasting and a kind of "trial" for the Winner Olympic games that will dispute to Turin in 2006.
Because the human body is a tree. Spring Awakening III In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.



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Carabineers 1
Pharmacies 6
Coast Guard0
Law enforcement agency 1
Fire Watch 1
Emergency department0
Hospitals 3
Local Sanitary Agency 1
Medical guard 1
Municipal police0
State Forestry Corps 1
Police 2
Private clinics0
Red cross 1
Highway patrol 1
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