In town or in the locality of vacation, here where to go to spend an evening with your friends or to have a good time in the open air for a day. Besides here you find addresses to utilize your free-time for an hobby or learning to dance or to cook.
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Arginino Piccolo
via Arginino 9, Ostiglia (MN)
via Parmense 47, Borgoforte (MN)
Bio Welt
Strada Valeggio 16/a, Marmirolo (MN)
Boaria Bassa
via don Doride Bertoldi 18, Castel d'Ario (MN)
Cascina Sguazzarina
via Baldese 12, Castel Goffredo (MN)
Corte Anselmo
strada Buscaldo 35, Marcaria (MN)
Corte Baghina
strada Canali 7, San Benedetto Po (MN)
Corte Fabbrica
via Dante Alighieri 21, Monteggiana (MN)
Corte Galvagnina
via Argine Tre Teste 9, Marcaria (MN)
Corte Medaglie d'Oro
via Argine Secchia 63, San Benedetto Po (MN)
Corte Pagliare Verdieri
via Grande 2, Commessaggio (MN)
Corte San Giovanni
Strada San Silvestro 8/a, Mantova (MN)
Corte Valle San Martino
via Valle San Martino 30/a, Moglia (MN)
Corte Virgiliana
via Virgiliana 13, Virgilio (MN)
Grand Cafè
via Cisa , Cerese (MN)
Il Glicine
via San Romano Casetto 40/a, Ostiglia (MN)
La Cavallara Parco Acquatico
strada Cavallara , Volta Mantovana (MN)
Loghino Bosco
via Cantalupa 18, Curtatone (MN)
Loghino Canova
via Argine 68, Schivenoglia (MN)
Mascara Disco Village
viale Favorita 17, Mantova (MN)

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funivia Alpine World Ski Championship
From January 28 to February 13, 2005 in High Valtellina goes on the show more wait of the season: a tasting and a kind of "trial" for the Winner Olympic games that will dispute to Turin in 2006.
Warhol  Interview Magazine copertina Andy Warhol in Milan
The Triennial of Milan, until to 9 January 2005, present to the public the most rich and variegated art exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol ever prepared until now in Italy. The exhibition was realized in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation of New York and The Warhol Museum of Pittsburg.



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Fun and Nature

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