The more significant exhibitions of art in the museums and in the italian art-galleries.
Sort by fin la maraviglia Map Map
via Po 55, Torino (TO)
46° Mostra della Ceramica Map Map
piazza Guglielmo Marconi 1, Castellamonte (TO)
6 x Torino Map Map
via Magenta 31, Torino (TO)
Accademia Map Map
via Postiglione , Moncalieri (TO)
Accendi il cervello Map Map
via Giovanni Giolitti 36, Torino (TO)
Alberto Korda.Fotografo a Cuba Map Map
via Lagrange , Torino (TO)
Alf (Animal Liberation Front) Map Map
via Lagrange 20, Torino (TO)
Alllooksame? Tutttuguale? Map Map
via Modane 16, Torino (TO)
Alternate Takes Map Map
via dei Mille 38, Torino (TO)
Altre Famiglie / Other Families Map Map
via Camillo Cavour 8, Torino (TO)
Amazeing Friends Map Map
via Giuseppe Mazzini 40, Torino (TO)
Ambient Tour Map Map
via Modane 16, Torino (TO)
Amore e Psiche Map Map
via Vanchiglia 11c, Torino (TO)
Andisheh Avini Map Map
via della Rocca 29, Torino (TO)
Andrea Catolino Map Map
via Cavour 2, Orbassano (TO)
Anima e Corpo Map Map
via della Consolata 9/g, Torino (TO)
Antiche Tecniche Map Map
via Quittengo 35, Torino (TO)
Archeoinvento: giovani sguardi creativi Map Map
corso Regina Margherita 105, Torino (TO)
Architecture faineante Map Map
via Pomba 23, Torino (TO)
Archival Loot Map Map
corso Vittorio Emanuele II 90, Torino (TO)

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kagemusha: Chanoyu "Kagemusha. The shadow of the Warrior" in Turin
By Barolo Palace, from february 7 at april 10, an original exhibition dedicated at the ancient arts and japanese traditions, realized at care of the Yoshin Ryu Association and with the Support of the Region Piedmont and of the Town of Turin.
Stormtroopers Guerre Stellari – Play, Genoa from 9 March to 15 October 2017
From 9 march to 15 october 2017 over 1000 pieces including models, action figures and vintage prints – some on display in Italy for the first time – give visitors a chance to explore the most unforgettable scenes and characters from a world that still fascinates and thrills fans around the globe.



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