Chinese restaurants The chinese cooking is a healthy cooking made of vegetables served almost raw, of meat cut to smallface and of fish fished and served. The chinese philosophy lead us to discover the foods yin (cold), like the mushrooms and the sprouts of bambù, and the foods yang (warm), like the spices and the meats. four schools of cooking are recognized, each bound to a region: that Northerner characterized for the wide use of the pasta, or ravioli that spaghetti and tagliatelle, that Southerner (or cantonese) in which are used a lot of vegetables and rice. The large presence of the water characterizes all the eastern cooking, with agreeable fruits of sea and crustaceans, but also snatches and other varied of fish. Here the cooking is slower regards to the remainder of the country, with large use of the boiled, of the soup and of the braise; finally we find the west that is the cooking that is approached to the indian culture and of the center Asia in type, here the dishes are more spices and spicy, with large use of paprika and of the pepper. In type in the chinese restaurants in Italy the cooking is "occidentalizzata" with tastes except resolute and menu more or except for like in all locals. Here some of the locals presents in our country.
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China Garden Map Map
via Belfiore 16, Milano (MI)
Famoso Map Map
viale Abruzzi 76, Milano (MI)
Fondue di Pechino Map Map
via Alessandro Tadino 52, Milano (MI)
Giardino d'Oro Map Map
via Casoretto 9, Milano (MI)
Giardino di Giada Map Map
via Palazzo Reale 5, Milano (MI)
Hong Kong Map Map
via Giovanni Schiapparelli 5, Milano (MI)
Imperiale Map Map
via Plinio 30, Milano (MI)
Jubin Map Map
via Bramante 26, Milano (MI)
Kota Radja Map Map
piazzale Francesco Baracca 6, Milano (MI)
Lon Fon Map Map
via Lazzaretto 10, Milano (MI)
Mei Lin Map Map
via San Giovanni sul Muro 13, Milano (MI)
Mister Gao Map Map
piazzale Antonio Cantore 3, Milano (MI)
Primavera d'Oriente Map Map
via Pier Luigi da Palestrina 9, Milano (MI)
Sakura Map Map
via Cenisio 40, Milano (MI)
Shangri-La Map Map
via Lazzaretto 8, Milano (MI)
Singapore Map Map
via Vincenzo Foppa 40, Milano (MI)
Ta Hua Map Map
via Fara 10, Milano (MI)
Taiwan Map Map
via Gustavo Fara 15, Milano (MI)
Wafu Map Map
viale Gorizia 12, Milano (MI)
Wu - Taiyo (Adige) Map Map
viale Adige 8, Milano (MI)

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