ZeroDelta net FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Who are you?
ZeroDelta is an Italian company formed with young, enthusiast people (fanatic).

2.Are data we find on this site attentive?
We take care that as possible as we can . Everyday we try to check all the information we publish on our site, in most cases we also contact by telephone to confirm the information is really right, however there are possibilities that we make mistakes as having big data . If you find any wrong information, please tell us, we will try to correct that soon.

3.Why do you ask me a valid e-mail address? Why don’t you make all the data of your site visible to everyone, even non registered people?
There are various reasons. The work it takes to operate the data mass of is really a lot so, first of all we want that nobody use our data dishonestly. That is why we show only a part of our data to non-registered people. It’s necessary to registrate to see all information. The second reason is that with registering we also ask you to receive our newsletter; in this way every month/week we send you an e-mail with information and/ or news from our site. This newsletter could be sponsored and this would help us to support the expenses of our site.

4. Is it free the access to the site?
Of course, yes. The registration to the site is absolutely free, we just ask you to insert your e-mail adress.

5. Can I cancel the registration of the site?
Yes, whenever you like. From that moment you will not receive anything from us.

6. What happens to the data that I inserted with the registration ?
Noting . Your personal data help us to know about our readers, and to pick out the subjects for future. In any case, for no reason we give away your date. Your e-mail adress is used for starting our relations and sending a periodical mail (max frequency weekly) that could be sponsored.

7. What means ZeroDelta ?
It is the name of our company. Delta is the symbol of the distance, of the difference. Zero is an universal concept, totally it means getting rid of distances and differences. Infact we believe that internet has power enough to free from barriers of languages, cultures, and geographies.

8.Where are you ?
We are in Italy. The editorial center is via per Fizzonasco 4/a, 20900 Pieve Emanuele (MI)

9. Is this site a portal ?
No. For at least two reasons: first of all calling it a portal definitely by ourselves will be bad on us. The second it’s you who decide if this site is a portal or not, visiting it often or even choseing as a start page for your navigation. We are trying to create a site which presents Italy a litle. With your helping we are looking for doing better than our possibilities.

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