Where may I apply to for an emergency? In Italy "Carabinieri" and State Police keep public order; in case of need you can refer to Fire- men, Customs officer and Forester. For health problems there are Red Cross, medical guard, first aid places, hospitals and private clinics.  
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Azienda Sanitaria Locale della Provincia di Pavia
viale Indipendenza 3, Pavia (PV)
corso Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 19, Pavia (PV)
Comando Provinciale di Pavia
via Defendente Sacchi 31, Pavia (PV)
Comando Provinciale di Pavia
Via Franchi Maggi 1, Pavia (PV)
Comando Provinciale Vigili del Fuoco
viale Camillo Campari 34, Pavia (PV)
Comando Stazione Borgo Ticino
viale dei Mille 94, Pavia (PV)
Commissariato di Vigevano
via Libertà 3/b, Vigevano (PV)
Commissariato di Voghera
via Carlo Emanuele III 1, Voghera (PV)
Comunale n.1
via Gaspare Aselli 23/a, Pavia (PV)
Comunale n.2
viale Partigiani 22, Pavia (PV)
Croce Rossa - comitato provinciale Pavia
via Luigi Porta 6, Pavia (PV)
Croce Rossa - Comitato provinciale Pavia
via Calchi 13/f, Pavia (PV)
Del Bo
corso Fratelli Cairoli 79, Pavia (PV)
corso Strada Nuova 100/b, Pavia (PV)
Fondazione Istituto Neurologico Casimiro Mondino
via Palestro 3, Pavia (PV)
Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri- clinica del lavoro e della riabilitazione - I.R.C.C.S.
via Adolfo Ferrata 4, Pavia (PV)
via Rampoldi 2, Pavia (PV)
via Ludovico il Moro 23, Pavia (PV)
Guardia Medica - Pavia e Provincia
viale Indipendenza 3, Pavia (PV)
Istituto Clinico Eugenio Morelli
Piazza XXIV Maggio 13, Pavia (PV)

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Skiddi2 Alpine World Ski Championship
From January 28 to February 13, 2005 in High Valtellina goes on the show more wait of the season: a tasting and a kind of "trial" for the Winner Olympic games that will dispute to Turin in 2006.
Fotografia di David McCabe Andy Warhol in Milan
The Triennial of Milan, until to 9 January 2005, present to the public the most rich and variegated art exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol ever prepared until now in Italy. The exhibition was realized in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation of New York and The Warhol Museum of Pittsburg.



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