Anagrafe del Comune
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via Fratelli Rosselli 1, , Novara - 28100 (NO)
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Monday 08:00 - 13:00
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Friday 08:00 - 13:00
Saturday 08:45 - 11:30
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Stato Civile del Comune Map Map
via Fratelli Rosselli 1, Novara (NO)
Anagrafe presso Circoscrizione 10 - Sud (Sede) Map Map
via Monte San Gabriele 50/c, Novara (NO)
Anagrafe presso Circoscrizione 10 - Sud (Ufficio mobile) Map Map
via Monte San Gabriele 50/c, Novara (NO)
Anagrafe presso Circoscrizione 12 - Lumellogno (Ufficio mobile) Map Map
piazza Martiri Sedici Luglio 1922 , Novara (NO)
Anagrafe presso Circoscrizione 13 - Pernate (Sede) Map Map
via San Francesco D'Assisi 25, Novara (NO)


Farrar’s garden to 2 In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.
Pista atletica The cultural project for the Olympic Valleys
“Le Montagne del Fare Anima” it is an important appointment thought and elaborated by Foundation of the Theatrical Circuit of the Piedmonte; events and shows from june 2005 at july 2006 on the mountain of the Winter Olympic games Turin 2006



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Abroad italian embassies 67
Chamber of Commerce 1
Foreign emabassies in Italy0
Municipality offices 3
National Social Provident Institute 2
Notaries 2
Permission to stay0
Real-estate agencies 5
Register of births Active
Rent/buy a house0
Visas/permission to stay0
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