Pista atletica The cultural project for the Olympic Valleys
“Le Montagne del Fare Anima” it is an important appointment thought and elaborated by Foundation of the Theatrical Circuit of the Piedmonte; events and shows from june 2005 at july 2006 on the mountain of the Winter Olympic games Turin 2006
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An itinerary will be untied through the ancient path of the Frankish, the epic storyes of the pilgrims, the ancient valdese spirit. A tradition that is show, a value that is in scene to open new scenaries at the future of the Piedmonte. As the olympic circles, five will be the big subjects around which will turn the event: the mountain, the religion, the game, the ospitality and the passages.
“Le Montagne del Fare Anima” is inserted in the event of the Olympic games of the Culture, besides is also included in the contest of the cultural excellences present in the Olympic Valleys, protagonists of important historic events and keepers of true Treasures of Art and Alpine culture.
During this season of culture and show will be alternated 25 sole events with protagonits of the italian and international scene; numerous the foreign countries involved, as France, Canada, United States, Lithuania, Poland, South Africa and the Spain.
The Foundation has worked to offer at the Piedmonte styles and various shapes opf show: from the charming of the theatrical research with Peter Brook and Eimuntas Nekrosiusm at the appreciable and virtuous dance of the american Martha Graham Dance Company, at the female voice of Miriam Makeba, and at the great italian artistsas the versatile Emanuele Luzzati, the actresses Anna Galiena and Iaia Forte and the well-known dramatists Ugo Chiti and Vincenzo Cerami.
The Commons of the province of Turin will entertain that the rich program are Susa, Sant'Ambrogio of Turin, Novalesa, Exilles, Vigone, Condove, Fenestrelle, Torre Pellice, Buttigliera, Bardonecchia, Prali, Rivoli, Pinerolo, Grugliasco, Collegno, Venaria and Bussoleno.
This the program of the events:
september 2 and 3 at Condove, Castello del Conte Verde at 09.00pm Scene dall'Adelchi, of Alessandro Manzoni with Franco Branciaroli and production of Monica Conti (entrance 12,00 euro)
september 21 at Susa, by the Cathedral of San Giusto, in first national Dialoghi delle Carmelitane, of Geroges Bernanos, with Lella Costa and the production of Gabriele Vacis (entrance 15,00 euro).
september 24 and 25, Forte di Fenestrelle in scene Il Cantico dei Cantici, with the Meno Fortas Theatre Comapny and the production of Eimuntas Nekrosius (entrance 23,00 euro)
october 18 at the Tempoio Valdese of Torre Pellice Paradisi Perduti - Un viaggio attraverso le pagine dei Vangeli Apocrifi, project and production of Daniele Salvo (entrance 10,00 euro)
november 26 and 27 Le Grand Inquisiteur at the Antica Precettoria of Sant'Antonio di Ranverso at Buttigliera Alta, from I Fratelli Karamazov, with Maurice Bénichou, production of Peter Brook (entrance 23,00 euro)
December 3 at Bardonecchia, Palazzo delle Feste, A me occorrono precipizi - Evento multimediale su storie, miti e leggende della montagnawith Onda Teatro, production of Bobo Nigrone (entrance 10,00 euro)
From december 2005 at january 2006 (excluded 31/12 and 03/01) La Gabbianella e il Gatto at Prali by the Miniera Paola, texts of Luis Sepùlveda, production of Renzo Sicco (reservation obligatory, varying hours; entrance 10,00 - 5,00 euro)
In the same time december 27 at Rivoli, Palazzo Piozzo in scene Cafè Maritornes, with the Company 3001 and the production of Alberto Gozzi (entrance 10,00 eruo)
january 31 and february 1° at Pinerolo on the stage Nomade, by the Cavallerizza Caprilli, with the artists of the Cirque Eloize from the Canada (entrance 15,00 euro)
february 8, in Duomo square at Pinerolo, Chatwin, il gusto di viaggiare,with the Nonsoloteatro company and Margherita Casalino, production of Guido Castiglia (entrance 10,00 euro)
march 3,4,5 (sunday 04.00pm) at the Le Serre Cultural park of Grugliasco, Ocelot show of contamporary circus with the Ocelon Foundation from the Poland (entrance 15,00 euro)
march 10 at Collegno Ecclesiaste, at the Church of San Lorenzo Martire, with Vincenzo Cerami, texts of the Old Testaments (10,00 euro)
By the Vertek of Condove, march 18 and 19 La Tempesta of William Shakespeare, in original language with visual translation in italian (entrance 15,00 euro)
Le confessioni di Jean-Jacques Rousseau in april at the royal palace of Venaria Reale, production of Beppe Navello, with Anna Galiena (15,00 euro).
May 26 La regina di Scozia at the Forte of Exilles, text of Federico Della Valle, production of Giuseppe Marini (entrance 10,00 eruo)br>Genesi - I ribelli is in scene 9 june at the Railway Museum of Bussoleno, writed and directed by Ugo Chiti (entrance 12,00 euro)
june 24 and 25 by the Abbey of Novalesa Il Miracolo di San Nicolaof Jean Bodel, production of Oliviero Corbetta (15,00 euro)
At the Amphitheatre of Susa, july 1° L'Isola della Luce, music of Nicola Piovani, texts of Vincenzo Cerami (entrance 23,00 eruo)
Closed the long review, at the Royal palace of Venaria Reale, Poeta en Nueva York, ballet, a production of Rafael Amargo, inspired at the work of Federico Garcia Lorca (entrance 20,00 euro).
Where is not specified in a different way the shows have beginning at 09.00pm; the box-office open one hour before.
For informations about the presales ring the 899/500022

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