Points of Refreshments on Italian roads and motorways. There are usually attached gas station and mechanical repair workshop.
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Rio Dei Cocchi
A06 Torino-Savona km 11, Torino (TO)
Rio Ghidone Est
A06 Torino-Savona km 48, Torino (TO)
A04 Torino-Milano km 23, Rondissone (TO)
Salbertrand Est
A32 Torino-Bardonec km 54, Salbertrand (TO)
Scarmagno Est
A05 Torino-Aosta km 35, Scarmagno (TO)
Scarmagno Ovest
A05 Aosta-Torino , Scarmagno (TO)
Settimo Torinese Est
A05 Torino-Aosta , Torino (TO)
Settimo Torinese Sud
A4 Torino-Milano Lato D km 3, Settimo Torinese (TO)
Viverone Nord
A05 Raccordo Santhia-Ivrea km 13, Settimo Rottaro (TO)
Viverone Sud
A05 Raccordo Ivrea-Santh km 13, Settimo Rottaro (TO)
Medaglia The cultural project for the Olympic Valleys
“Le Montagne del Fare Anima” it is an important appointment thought and elaborated by Foundation of the Theatrical Circuit of the Piedmonte; events and shows from june 2005 at july 2006 on the mountain of the Winter Olympic games Turin 2006
Because the human body is a tree. Spring Awakening III In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.



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