Maremma: Grosseto, Scansano and Castiglione Maremma: Grosseto, Scansano and Castiglione
Massa Marittima (Foto APT Maremma) Maremma: routes and paths
There are endless ways to discover the Maremma. You may vary itineraries and safe routes to suit you interests, from landscapes along the white country roads bordering vineyards and olive groves, to “complete immersion” in the Mediterranean scrub with its unmistakable fragrances ....
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...... to walks along the coast with its warm beaches. Paddling up the Ombrone River by canoe, trekking by foot of horseback along well-marked paths allow you discover especially significant naturalistic, cultural and historic attractions. Mountain bikers may chose from routes by the sea or paths that climb the hills behind. For those who prefer a more sedate bicycle ride there are many level paths through the pine groves and inside the reserves where it is possible enjoy bird watching. Golfers have the benefit of the prestigious course in Punta Ala, where a view of the sea accompanies the 18 holes over the gently undulating ground, framed by lush evergreens. Sports may be throughout the year including competitive events at an international level.

Maremma Canoo

From the Ampio Mill to Tirli

A pleasant itinerary to Tirli from the Ampio Valley, the river that separates it from Vetulonia. The beginning is 1 km to the north of the intersection in the direction of Giuncarico. At the end of the climb, there is a cool area for picnics in the chestnut grove of the Sant'Anna Hermitage. You may choose a different return route.


From Marina di Grosseto to Castiglione della Pescaia

This is a level route through the pine grove between Castiglione della Pescaia and Marina di Grosseto that looks onto the Diaccia Botrona marsh. There is the interesting Casa Rossa (or Casa Ximenes), built between 1766 and 1768 to regulate the flow of water toward the sea. The route may be interrupted in the Daccia Botrona so it is best to check in advance.


The Montorgiali and Poleraia Ring

This panoramic route, with asphalt paved sections at its beginning and end, goes around Poggio della Rustica and looks toward Grosseto and the Amiata. Passing the San Giorgio Sanctuary in Montorgiali, it continues in the direction of several farm houses and Polveraia. On the way back, on the east side of Poggio, it passes the Cotone Castello and Montepò.


From Scansano to Murci and Saturnia

A long up and down hill route that runs between two of the best known places in the Maremma hills. Once at Poggioferro, it passes through the Monte Lumini woods, goes by Murci and Poggio delle Chiesa Vecchia, then turns southeast through planted fields separating the Fiascone and Tagliabue ditches. From Saturnia it's only a 1 km walk down to its renowned Baths.


Routes inside the Maremma Regional Park

The two paths on the Talamone side are passable all year long. They begin from the Casale delle Caprarecce and go up to the crest of Punta del Corvo, a wonderful lookout over the sea. TheMaremma on Byke shorter route goes back down immediately, the longer goes down in the direction of the sea and climbs up again.


The Bocca d'Ombrone Ring

Perfect for a bicycle outing, this itinerary is in the Pineta Granducale dell'Uccellina. At the parking area in Marina di Alberese, it is necessary to turn back for a short distance on the road, then turn onto a wide paved road that goes to Ombrone. On the way back, the itinerary flanks the river, then the sea.


The route to the Caves

As in the previous three itineraries, this is a toll free path, except on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. From june 15 to September 30, the high fire hazard makes it necessary to go with a guided group. Using park transportation to the Patrini, you then continue by foot following a path at the base of the rocks that buttress the Castel Marino and Collelungo towers. The rocks open into the various caves. On the way back, the route goes through the Pineta Granducale.


The route of the Towers

This interesting path is near the Pratini and leads to the Castel Marino and Collelungo towers which offer views over the Pineta Granducale, the coast and the sea. The same entrance rules apply for this itinerary as for preceding one to the caves.


The route to San Rabano

This is the most picturesque itinerary in the park. From the Pratini, it follows the ridge of the Uccellina as far as the ruins of the Benedectine Abbey of San Rabano. The return is along the mountainside through the scrub until a short distance from the sea. The entrance fees are the same as those for the itinerary to the caves.


The Cala di Forno route

This itinerary is the park's longest and most isolated. It begins at the Pratini and winds along the mountainside through the thick Mediterranean scrub to the Cala di Forno beach and the farmhouse by the same name. The way back is along the Uccellina beach. The entrance fees are the same as those for the itinerary to the caves.


Faunistic and Forestry routeMaremma Owl

These two short itineraries near Alberese provide a chance to see a forest of Turkey, Cork and White Oak trees and to pass through clearings were you are alnost certain to see fallow deer. It is open daily. An entrance ticket is required. Park trail signs.


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