Schools for your children if you have to spend a long time in Italy.
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A. Gabelli - I° Circolo didattico
piazzale Cesare Battisti 4, Belluno (BL)
piazza San Giovanni Bosco 12, Belluno (BL)
Buzzati di Levego
via Levego , Belluno (BL)
via del Piave 5, Belluno (BL)
Calvi - Istituto tecnico commerciale
via Marchesi 73, Belluno (BL)
via Col di Salce 63, Belluno (BL)
di Badilet - I° Circolo
piazzale Cesare Battisti 4, Belluno (BL)
di Mussoi
via Travazzoi , Belluno (BL)
di Visome
via Piandelmonte , Belluno (BL)
Divina provvidenza
via Cusighe 35, Belluno (BL)
Don Bosco
via Angelo Maier 6, Belluno (BL)
Don Mario Pasa
via Marchiori 1, Belluno (BL)
E. Rudio - II° Circolo didattico
via Simon Da Cusighe 22, Belluno (BL)
F. Pellegrini - I° Circolo
piazzale Cesare Battisti 4, Belluno (BL)
G. Segato - III° Circolo didattico
via Simon Da Cusighe 22, Belluno (BL)
Galilei - Liceo Scientifico
via Gregorio XVI 33, Belluno (BL)
Gregorio XVI - III° Circolo
via Simon Da Cusighe 22, Belluno (BL)
Ippolito Nievo
via Mur di Cadola 12, Belluno (BL)
L. Doglioni - II° Circolo
via Simon Da Cusighe 22, Belluno (BL)
Leonardo da Vinci - Artistico
via Flavio Ostilio 8, Belluno (BL)

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Treccia di mozzarella The best of italian gastronomy
European title of cookery is contented between Italy and France, but with any doubt italian cusine is one of the most famous and appreciated all over the world. Italy has exported products, recipes, traditions and customs.
Farrar’s garden to 2 In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.
Porta nuova - Immagini Archivio Provincia di Verona Verona Travel Guide
Magnificent chief town of the Veneto, well-known for the Arena, suggestive amphitheatre of the roman epoch and to be been chosen like background at the famous drama of Shakespeare. The territory offers tourist destinations also in naturalistic field: the lake of Garda, hills and mountains.
FANGHI - (C)Archivio Fotografico Turismo Padova Terme Euganee/fotografo: Archivio Storico Padua travel guide
Padua and his province are located in the middle of the venetian flat land, between lagoon and hills, they are one of the most important cultural and economic centre of north-east of italian country. The town has great artistic and cultural traditions and may to be proud of wonderful monuments.



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Art schools0
Municipal day nursery 1
Municipal nursery schools0
Private high schools 3
Private day nursery0
Private nursery schools 7
Private primary schools0
Private Middle Schools 1
Private technical institutes 1
Private training colleges0
Public high schools 2
Public day nursery0
Public nursery schools 7
Public primary schools 12
Public Middle Schools 2
Public technical institutes 2
Public training colleges0
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