True and actual farms, organized and fited to know at the children the secrets and the wonders of the nature through laboratories, theoretic lessons and the direct contact with the animals, the flowers and the trees. Some didactic farms reserve the entrance ath the pupils, others open also at families or groups, sometimes offering service of overnight stay and refreshment.
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Andreola Map Map
via Andreola (Località Scascoli) 2, Loiano (BO)
Biofulgosa Map Map
via Cuppio (Località Lama di Reno) 12, Marzabotto (BO)
Calzolara Map Map
via Calzolara 16, Bazzano (BO)
Cà Battistini Map Map
via del Segaticcio 1972, Savigno (BO)
Cà Guidotti Map Map
via Medelana (Località Luminasio) 16, Marzabotto (BO)
Cà Monti Map Map
via Monte Morosino 4, Fontanelice (BO)
Cà Selvatica Map Map
via Cassola (Località Calcara) 27, Crespellano (BO)
Cinque Colli Map Map
via Sabbiuno 10, Bologna (BO)
Colombarotto Map Map
via Piratello 21, Imola (BO)
Corte dell'Abbadessa Map Map
via Martiri di Pizzocalvo 12, San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)
Dulcamara Map Map
via Tolara di Sopra 82, Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO)
Fungo Spergola Azienda Agricola Map Map
via Chiesaccia (Località Calcara) 43, Crespellano (BO)
I Piani Map Map
via Merlino 1025, Savigno (BO)
I Pioppi Map Map
via Longalora 19, Sala Bolognese (BO)
I Platani Map Map
via Provinciale (Località Chiesa Nuova) 19, Crespellano (BO)
I Salici Map Map
via Suor Orsola Donati 108, Anzola dell'Emilia (BO)
I Vigneti del Sole Map Map
via Sellustra 9, Imola (BO)
Il Borgo Del Riso Map Map
via Rondanina 12, Molinella (BO)
Il Casetto Map Map
via Cappelline Tonde 6, Imola (BO)
Il Cucco Map Map
via Nazionale 83, Altedo (BO)

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Fun and Nature

Amusement parks 1
Caves 1
Cooking schools 8
Didactic Farms Active
Discos 11
Natural Parks and botanic gardens 6
Planetariums 2
Bathing establishments0
Zoo and Aquariums0
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