Where may I apply to for an emergency? In Italy "Carabinieri" and State Police keep public order; in case of need you can refer to Fire- men, Customs officer and Forester. For health problems there are Red Cross, medical guard, first aid places, hospitals and private clinics.  
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ASL 15 - Sede Centrale
via Pier Carlo Boggio 12, Cuneo (CN)
ASL 16 - Distretto di Mondovì Ceva
via San Pio V 6, Mondovì (CN)
ASL 17 - Distretto Savigliano Saluzzo Fossano
via Ospedali 14, Savigliano (CN)
ASL 18 - Distretto Alba Brà
via Pierino Belli 26, Alba (CN)
Azienda Ospedaliera "Santa Croce e Carle"
via Michele Coppino 26, Cuneo (CN)
via Roma 19, Cuneo (CN)
via Chiri 1/a, Cuneo (CN)
via Caraglio 4, Cuneo (CN)
Casa di Cura Città di Bra
via Montenero 1, Brà (CN)
Casa di Cura Speranza
via Funga 79, Boves (CN)
via Roma 39, Cuneo (CN)
Centro di Riabilitazione Giovanni Ferrero
via Edmondo De Amicis 16, Alba (CN)
Comando Provinciale di Cuneo
corso Marcello Soleri 7, Cuneo (CN)
Comando Provinciale di Cuneo
via Piero Gobetti 18, Cuneo (CN)
Comando Provinciale Vigili del Fuoco
corso Alcide De Gasperi 71, Cuneo (CN)
Comunale 1
piazza Europa 1, Cuneo (CN)
Comunale 2
via Giovanni Battista Bongioanni 42, Cuneo (CN)
Comunale 3
via Luigi Teresio Cavallo 7, Cuneo (CN)
Croce Rossa - comitato provinciale Cuneo
corso Francia 15, Cuneo (CN)
Cuneo - Comando
via Roma 6, Cuneo (CN)

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kagemusha: Hiraoka "Kagemusha. The shadow of the Warrior" in Turin
By Barolo Palace, from february 7 at april 10, an original exhibition dedicated at the ancient arts and japanese traditions, realized at care of the Yoshin Ryu Association and with the Support of the Region Piedmont and of the Town of Turin.
Medaglia The cultural project for the Olympic Valleys
“Le Montagne del Fare Anima” it is an important appointment thought and elaborated by Foundation of the Theatrical Circuit of the Piedmonte; events and shows from june 2005 at july 2006 on the mountain of the Winter Olympic games Turin 2006



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