How can do you send a fax? How can you use a public phone ? Do you need a internet connection? Do you have to send a letter or a parcel? Some advise and what you need to do.
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Messina Stazione
via Torino , Messina (ME)
Piazza Antonello - Sede Centrale
piazza Antonello , Messina (ME)
Succursale 001
via Nicola Fabrizi 3, Messina (ME)
Succursale 002
via Giuseppe Garibaldi 190, Messina (ME)
Succursale 003
via Catania 12/14, Messina (ME)
Succursale 004
via Tommaso Cannizzaro 225, Messina (ME)
Succursale 005
via 27 Luglio , Messina (ME)
Succursale 006
via Palermo , Messina (ME)
Succursale 007
via Nino Bixio 111, Messina (ME)
Succursale 008
viale della Libertà , Messina (ME)
Succursale 009
via Monsignor D'Arrigo 11, Messina (ME)
Succursale 010
via La Farina 263, Messina (ME)
Succursale 011
via Residenza Villa Dante - Catania , Messina (ME)
Succursale 012
via Monte Scuderi Giostra , Messina (ME)
Succursale 013
via Vecchia Comunale 2/4, Messina (ME)
Succursale 014
via Noviziato Casazza 4, Messina (ME)
Succursale 015
contrada Battaglia Annunziata , Messina (ME)
Succursale 016
via Pietro Castelli 60, Messina (ME)
Succursale 017
via Valeria Consolare , Messina (ME)
Uovo Holidays and nature
The green of the woods, the blue of the sea, the work in the fields, the sun and the perfume of the land: ancient tastes to discover, values from find, paesant traditions, comfortable lodgings...
Because the human body is a tree. Spring Awakening II In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.



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