The art-gallery occupy of the collection, esposition and sometimes sold, of works of art. It is discussed almost always of private structures, prepared and treated from lovers and connoisseurs of art that rent actual spaces for the preparation of temporary shows or organize permanent exhibitions.
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Amste Arte Contemporanea
via Carotto 6a, Lissone (MB)
piazza Roma , Monza (MB)
via Carlo Prina 18, Monza (MB)
Civico "Carlo Verri"
via San Martino 1, Biassono (MB)
d'Arte Contemporanea
viale Padania 6, Lissone (MB)
Galleria Civica
via Camperio 1, Monza (MB)
Galleria Magenta 52
via Crocefisso 2/a, Vimercate (MB)
Luca Tommasi
via Leonardo da Vinci 2, Monza (MB)
Montrasio Arte
via Carlo Alberto 40, Monza (MB)
Mulino Colombo
vicolo Scuole 11, Monza (MB)
Saletta Reale della Stazione
via Arosio , Monza (MB)
Serrone della Villa Reale
viale Brianza 2, Monza (MB)
via Vittorio Emanuele 44, Monza (MB)
Unicità Art Gallery
via Vittorio Emanuele 51, Monza (MB)
Urban Center
via Filippo Turati 6/8, Monza (MB)
Villa Filippini
via Viarana 14, Besana Brianza (MB)
Stormtroopers Guerre Stellari – Play, Genoa from 9 March to 15 October 2017
From 9 march to 15 october 2017 over 1000 pieces including models, action figures and vintage prints – some on display in Italy for the first time – give visitors a chance to explore the most unforgettable scenes and characters from a world that still fascinates and thrills fans around the globe.
Fotografia di David McCabe Andy Warhol in Milan
The Triennial of Milan, until to 9 January 2005, present to the public the most rich and variegated art exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol ever prepared until now in Italy. The exhibition was realized in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation of New York and The Warhol Museum of Pittsburg.



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