If you want to learn italian language and culture you can find here informations and addresses about schools and courses, foreign language bookshops and libraries.
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Archivio di Stato
corso Vittorio Emanuele 31, Palermo (PA)
Archivio Storico Comunale
via Maqueda 157, Palermo (PA)
Archivio Storico Diocesano
corso Vittorio Emanuele 463, Palermo (PA)
Bibliolibreria Bokos
via Enrico Toti 83, Palermo (PA)
Bibliolibreria Bokos
via Enrico Toti 83, Palermo (PA)
Bokos Bibliolibreria Caffè Letterario
via Enrico Toti 83, Palermo (PA)
British Institutes
via Carlo Puleo 16, Bagheria (PA)
British Institutes
via Aquileia 9, Palermo (PA)
British Institutes - Centro
via Re Federico 18/bis, Palermo (PA)
via Tembien 1, Palermo (PA)
Centrale della Regione Sicilia
corso Vittorio Emanuele 431, Palermo (PA)
Claudio Gerbino
via Filippo Parlatore 12, Palermo (PA)
Comunale Centrale di Palermo
piazzetta Brunaccini 1, Palermo (PA)
Comunale di Palermo
piazza Casa Professa 1, Palermo (PA)
Comunale Santa Maria La Nuova
piazza Guglielmo II 2, Monreale (PA)
Decentrata Borgo Nuovo
largo Pozzillo 7, Palermo (PA)
decentrata Brancaccio
via San Ciro 19, Palermo (PA)
decentrata Pallavicino
via Giuseppe Spata 10/20, Palermo (PA)
dei bambini
piazza Marina , Palermo (PA)
del Conservatorio V. Bellini
via Squarcialupo 45, Palermo (PA)

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Uovo Holidays and nature
The green of the woods, the blue of the sea, the work in the fields, the sun and the perfume of the land: ancient tastes to discover, values from find, paesant traditions, comfortable lodgings...
Farrar’s garden to 2 In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.



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