If you want to learn italian language and culture you can find here informations and addresses about schools and courses, foreign language bookshops and libraries.
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via Venti Settembre 134, Perugia (PG)
ABC Italia
via Guerriera 13, Perugia (PG)
Accademia Britannica Umbra
viale Indipendenza 21, Perugia (PG)
Accademia Lingua Italiana Assisi
via San Paolo 36, Assisi (PG)
Accademia Lingua Italiana Assisi
via San Paolo 36, Assisi (PG)
Archivio di Stato
piazza del Grano , Foligno (PG)
AUR - Agenzia Umbria Ricerche
via Mario Angeloni 78, Perugia (PG)
Biblioteca e Centro Documentazione Beni Artistici, Architettonici, Ambientali, Storici e Paesaggistici dell'Umbria
corso Vannucci 19, Perugia (PG)
British Institutes
via Gran Sasso , Foligno (PG)
British Institutes Perugia
via Romeo Gallenga 48, Perugia (PG)
British Institutes Perugia
via Romeo Gallenga 48, Perugia (PG)
British School of English
via 24 Maggio 38, Marsciano (PG)
Centrale di Assisi
via Municipio 27, Assisi (PG)
Centro di Documentazione Donne del Mondo
via della Viola 1, Perugia (PG)
Centro di Documentazione Francescana
piazza San Francesco 2, Assisi (PG)
Centro Pari Opportunità
via Mario Angeloni 61, Perugia (PG)
Centro per la ricerca e la documentazione storico psichiatrica e la marginalità sociale
via Enrico Dal Pozzo , Perugia (PG)
Centro Studi Americanistici Circolo Amerindiano
via Guardabassi 10, Perugia (PG)
Comitato Linguistico
largo Cacciatori delle Alpi 5, Perugia (PG)
Comunale - Santa Maria degli Angeli
piazza Martin Luther King , Santa Maria degli Angeli (PG)

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 Because the human body is a tree. Spring Awakening I In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.
Deltakun - lavoro To work in Italy ....
Addresses to refer searching for a job in Italy, offices to have informations about documents, where dispatch bureaucratic formalites and to get the papers ready for work.
Perugia San Bernardino Per gentile concessione STT-IAT PERUGIA Perugia Travel Guide
Perugia is the chief town of Umbria. This beautiful town is sited on a hill in the middle of a verdant country. His central square is considered one of the most beautiful squares of Italy and history, traditions, art and nature make a unique ensemble in this town as in the whole
Assisi Santa Chiara rav Assisi Travel Guide
Laying among the verdant hills of Umbria, Assisi will fascinate anyone having the honour and the pleasure to visit it with its mistic atmosphere and richness of art and history. San Francesco, the patron saint of Italy, is born here and here he founded his monastic order.



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