The art-gallery occupy of the collection, esposition and sometimes sold, of works of art. It is discussed almost always of private structures, prepared and treated from lovers and connoisseurs of art that rent actual spaces for the preparation of temporary shows or organize permanent exhibitions.
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Centro di NOTOrietà
corso Vittorio Emanuele 91, Noto (SR)
Convento del Ritiro
via Mirabella 31, Siracusa (SR)
Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea Montevergini
via Santa Lucia alla Badia 1, Siracusa (SR)
Galleria D'Arte Contemporanea Elvira Emilia Pirrone Resso
corso Vittorio Emanuele 147/149, Noto (SR)
Galleria Roma
via Maestranza 110, Siracusa (SR)
Palazzo Impellizzeri
via Impellizzeri 2, Noto (SR)
Spazio Espositivo per l'Arte Contemporanea
via Brenta 67, Siracusa (SR)
Studio Barnum contemporary
via Silvio Spaventa 4, Noto (SR)
Stormtroopers Guerre Stellari – Play, Genoa from 9 March to 15 October 2017
From 9 march to 15 october 2017 over 1000 pieces including models, action figures and vintage prints – some on display in Italy for the first time – give visitors a chance to explore the most unforgettable scenes and characters from a world that still fascinates and thrills fans around the globe.
Rossetto Outlet, shops and factory store in Italy
For who does not renounce at the quality of the big italian and foreign brands with a look at the economy, for who appreciates the handicraft products, for who thinks at the genuineness and at the freshness...



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