(C)Archivio APT Riviera dei Fiori - Sanremo 55^ edition of the Festival of the italian Song
March 1° 2005 - The Festival of Sanremo begins at the Ariston Teatre; singing event knowns all over the world that sees dare on the staige between twenty singres and gruops already famous and twelve young "new proposal". Final night saturday 5 with the final and the proclamation of the winner.
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1431: these the songs interpreted in 54 years of Festivall from about 700 different artists; some are past like meteoras and have not let sign, other have begun from the Ariston Theatre their scaling foward the popularity, other still with own partecipation, also without victory, have reconfirmed fame and notoriety.
Sanremo has precise rules: the songs must be unpublished, never interpreted before, nothing playback for the singing and the musical base intepreted from alive one from the orchestra, music anf texts (in italian language) must take the sign of the composer and italian authors. Now since years Sanremo is growed a case of custom and media: it is developed in only 5 days, but the echo of the event, in the weel and in the badly (successes, gossip, polemics, gaffes), difficulty is put out with the floodlights after the final night. Will touch at Paolo Bonolis and Antonella Clerici welcome on the staige the singers and the guests of this edition, beside their Federica Felini, topmodel 23 years of Paullo in province of Milan. Five the categories in competition: Men, Women, Groups, Classic and Young; will be a eliminatory heat, so that during the night of march 5 will ascend on the staige 3 artists for everyone of the 5 categories, in the course of the final the opinion jury will choose one for category and in the retinue the public at home through the televoto, will decree thewinner song. Sanremo is not only Festival: the town is appeared on the sea between Imperia and the french frontier, immersed in that is called Riviera dei Fiori. The climate specially mild, in spite of the latitude at which it is situated, gives at all the zone a exceptional plenty and luxuriant of trees and flowers already with some week of advance on the start of the spring: the floriculture in the zone was born at the end of the nineteenth century and is developed in manner always growing also thanks at the accession of the cultivation in hothouse that allows the flowering also in the winter months; and now there are almost 3000 hectare of ground pledged for the cultivation of flowers (about 130 sort) or green trees and from fruit (about 170 sort), in part in hothouse, in part "en plein air". The ligure Riviera besides accomodates the tourist with big hotels, structures and services, historic abodes and wonderful gardens, let alone, proper in Saremo, the Casinò, open all days, all year from 02.30pm (from 10,00 the Sala Slot Machines) at free entrance from monday at thursday and with ticket at 7,50 euro friday, saturday, sunday and holidays.

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