Festival del Mare Festival of the Sea: events and shows long all coast of the Emilia Romagna
From july 15 at august 16 shows, film, culture and gastronomy; between the protagonists David Riondino, Lella Costa, Bebo Storti, Caterina Guzzanti, Paolo Bessegato, Stefano Benni, Paolo Fresu, Mauro Pagani, Stefano Bollani, Eugenio Bennato, Peppe Servillo, Tony Esposito, Roberto Fabbriciani.
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Numerous Commons of the coast - Comacchio, Ravenna, Cesenatico, San Mauro Pascoli, Bellaria Igea Marina, Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica - will be changed so in a sole and big open stage to make life at the FESTIVAL OF THE SEA 2005.
From july 15 at august 16 will begin a series of musical and theatrical appointments with famous artists of the artistic national and international panorama, cinematographics, culturals and gastronomics that will have like leader the sea with its cultura and tradition, all at free entrance.
To accomodate the appointments in bill will be some significant places of the various maritime resorts: beaches, ports, canals, squares, parks.
The bill will propose “classic” preparations from stage with the presence of main actors, like Lella Costa that with Ruggero Laganà will be in scene with “Enoch Arden” (july 23 at Bellaria-Igea Marina, Arena del Gelso and july 24 In Ravenna Piazza del Popolo) and Bebo Storti that with “La nave Fantasma”, of Giovanni Maria Bellu and Renato Sarti, with nimbleness and intelligence will go back at the mind of the public a tragic shipwreck of stowaways happened in the 1996 (july 27 in Cesenatico).
After the success of the last edition is proposed again the piéce “Una spiaggia lunga cent’anni”, a production of the Festival that tells the story of the bathing holiday, with its rites, fashions, human typoligies of the last century (july 31 at Comacchio, Piazzetta Trepponti and august 1° San Mauro Pascoli, Grandi Spiagge). New, instead, is the preparation of “L’ultimo viaggio di Sindbad” of the Banyan Theatre company (july 25 in Ravenna, Piazza del Popolo).
OOriginal appointments are those that will see protagonists: the geologist Mario Tozzi, announcer of the telecast “Gaia”, that supported from images he will comment on with his usual way “Il mito di Atlantide” (date to define in Cesenatico); Caterina Guzzanti and Paola Minaccioni will read, with musical accompaniment, “Andersen – sirenette ed altre tragedie marittime”(august 4 at San Mauro Mare, Parco Risorgimento, production Festival of the Sea 2005); the writer Valerio Massimo Manfredi with his “Odissea” (august 3 in Cesenatico in front of the museum of the marine); the writer Stefano Benni and the trumpeter Paolo Fresu, two excellent exponent of the literary and musical panorama, that together will tell the story of Sinbad the sailor in the show from the title “Sagrademari” (august 6 at Lido di Spina) in the wonderful frame Garden of the Remo Brindisi museum.
The music will see in scene for the Festival of the Sea: Mauro Pagani, historic founder of the PFM, with the concert from the title “Creuza de Ma”, big success of Fabrizio De Andrè (and of which Pagani was musician and co-author), became in those years the symbol of the long travel for sea, of the continous land and go away again changing town, language, music (july 18 at Comacchio in the wonderful frame of the Piazzetta Trepponti); the virtuous pianist Stefano Bollani with his trio to make life to “The Music of the sea” (july 25 at Bellaria-Igea Marina by Garden Torre Saracena, production Festival of the Sea); in preview with his last work Eugenio Bennato and his parthenopean heat in the concert “Sponda Sud” (august 11 in Rimini).
Original, suggestive will be the appointments with the concert at the dawn. At 06.00am of morning, directly on the beach, will play the Progetto Avion Travel with the voice of Peppe Servillo (july 21 at Bellaria-Igea Marina, Polo Est) and the original double composed from the player of percussion instruments, pioneer of the word music in Italy, Tony Esposito, and from the flautist Roberto Fabbriciani (july 31 at Cattolica, Piazzale Darsena). Two appointment that represent the prologue at the day of august 16 when will begin a contemporary “chain” of Concerts at the Dawn on the beaches of Comacchio, San Mauro Mare, Bellaria-Igea Marina, Cattolica. While the public listen, the natural scenography will make from background, for a beginning of unforgettable day.
For the cinematographic part the Festival of the Sea proposes “Percorsi e Visioni tra mare e cinema”: evenings in which will be projected a series of titles of films about stories, people and secrets of the sea. Between the most significant titles will be the recent “Profondo Blu” of Alaistor Fothergill and Andy Byatt, “Mare dentro” of Alejandro Amenabae, “Le avventure acquatiche di Steve Zissou", "Master e Commander" of Peter Weir, but also the film from cineteca like: “Il Silenzio sul mare” of Takeshi Kitano, "Moby Dick" of John Huston, “E la nave va” of Federico Fellini, to cite some. Will be present some film of animation for adults and children like “Alla ricerca di Nemo” and more others.
The Cooperativa Atlantide of Cervia, from years specialized in the ambient and didactic tourism, proposes various cultural events, ambient and gastronomic all centred about the Sea, the People of Sea and the Draught. The days, organized in two moments expect meetings with the fishers, guided visits, cultural moments and of aggregation (the afternoon from 05.30pm at 07.30pm); moments for the knowledge of the world of the fishing, of the ecosystem sea and of the typical cooking at base of fish (the evening from 09.30pm at 11.30pm) from the title “the gold blue of the adriatico”. Expect, besides, documentary-video about the beauties in the Adriatico, boats and tecniques of fishing of the zone. Fishers will show the riches and the life that the sea represents and encloses. All the presents, then, will be put in amusing competition of cleaning of the fish; will be distributed, finally, a useful cookery-book with the most easyrecipes of the traditional cooking of the blue fish of the Adriatico.
One of the waitest news of the Festival of the Sea 2005 is the possibility for the tourists to go out in sea with historic boats to admire dawns and sunsets with only the rustle of the sails and, naturally, with the experts of the Circolo Nautico of Cervia.
The beginning of the shows and of the cinematographic projections, where not otherwise guide, is fixed at 09.30pm.
Informations for the public: Emilia-Romagna Region - Assessorship Tourism and Commerce telephone 051.283491

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