Where may I apply to for an emergency? In Italy "Carabinieri" and State Police keep public order; in case of need you can refer to Fire- men, Customs officer and Forester. For health problems there are Red Cross, medical guard, first aid places, hospitals and private clinics.  
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A.S.L. 11 - Distretto Sanitario di Borgosesia Map Map
via Guglielmo Marconi 30, Borgosesia (VC)
A.S.L. 11 - Distretto Sanitario di Gattinara Map Map
corso Vercelli 159, Gattinara (VC)
A.S.L. 11 - Distretto Sanitario di Santhià Map Map
via Giacomo Matteotti 24/A, Santhià (VC)
A.S.L. 11 - Vercelli Map Map
corso Abbiate 21, Vercelli (VC)
Actis Map Map
via Roma 11, Ronsecco (VC)
Amisano Map Map
corso Libertà 239, Vercelli (VC)
Anselmetti Map Map
via Umberto I 25, Varallo (VC)
Ariatta Map Map
via Torquato Tasso 33, Borgovercelli (VC)
Arosio Map Map
piazza Umberto I 2, Ghislarengo (VC)
Balmamori Map Map
viale Rimembranza 5, Quinto (VC)
Balzar Map Map
via Thaon De Revel 48, Vercelli (VC)
Belvedere - Mentasti Antonio Map Map
via Walter Manzone 16, Vercelli (VC)
Bonzano Map Map
via Riccardo Restano 68, Vercelli (VC)
Casa di Cura Santa Rita Map Map
viale Aeronautica 14/16, Vercelli (VC)
Casa di Cura Silenziosi Operai della Croce Map Map
località Santuario del Trompone , Moncrivello (VC)
Centrale Map Map
via Fratelli Laviny 5, Vercelli (VC)
Comando Provinciale di Vercelli Map Map
via Vincenzo Gioberti 57, Vercelli (VC)
Cominazzini Map Map
corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 89, Gattinara (VC)
Comunale Map Map
corso Nuova Italia 167, Santhià (VC)
Comunale 1 Map Map
viale Rimembranza 4, Vercelli (VC)

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kagemusha: Shodo "Kagemusha. The shadow of the Warrior" in Turin
By Barolo Palace, from february 7 at april 10, an original exhibition dedicated at the ancient arts and japanese traditions, realized at care of the Yoshin Ryu Association and with the Support of the Region Piedmont and of the Town of Turin.
Farrar’s garden to 2 In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.



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