Schools for your children if you have to spend a long time in Italy.
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B. Lucarelli - ITIS - sede staccata
via Bagni , Benevento (BN)
B. Lucarelli - ITIS - sede centrale
Viale San Lorenzo , Benevento (BN)
Bosco Lucarelli
via Bartolomeo Camerario 36, Benevento (BN)
Bosco Lucarelli
via Vincenzo Gioberti 5, Benevento (BN)
Bosco Lucarelli - I Circolo Didattico
via Port'Arsa , Benevento (BN)
Carlo Cattaneo - ITC
viale Raffaele Delcogliano 12, Benevento (BN)
Convitto Nazionale Giannoni
piazza Roma , Benevento (BN)
Cretarossa - VI Circolo Didattico
via Alfredo Zazo , Benevento (BN)
F. Torre
via Nicola Sala , Benevento (BN)
G. Alberti - ITC
piazza Risorgimento 1, Benevento (BN)
Galileo Galilei - ITG
piazza Risorgimento , Benevento (BN)
Giovanni Pascoli - II Circolo Didattico
piazza Risorgimento , Benevento (BN)
Giuseppe Mazzini - II Circolo Didattico
piazza Risorgimento , Benevento (BN)
Guacci - Sperimentale
via Nicola Calandra 12, Benevento (BN)
La città dei piccoli
via Avellola 1, Benevento (BN)
Madre del Redentore - Suore Carmelitane
via Nicola Calandra , Benevento (BN)
Monsignor Mancinelli
via Massimo D'Azeglio 34, Benevento (BN)
viale Principe di Napoli 93, Benevento (BN)
Nicola Sala - II Circolo Didattico
piazza Risorgimento , Benevento (BN)
P. Giannone - Classico
piazza Risorgimento 4, Benevento (BN)

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Vesuvio Japan Week 2005
November, 21 2005 - Neaples houses the 30th edition of famous initiative that was borned with the aim to advertise japanese culture values around the world.
 Because the human body is a tree. Spring Awakening I In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.



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Public high schools 3
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Public nursery schools 11
Public primary schools 13
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