Basic or advanced courses, individual or schools, which are qualified for teaching Italian language to foreigners in Italy.
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Arco di Druso Map Map
via Otranto 12, Roma (RM)
Associazione Italiayamato Map Map
via Montecuccoli 13/C, Roma (RM)
Berlitz - Eur Map Map
viale Pasteur 77, Roma (RM)
Berlitz - Pantheon Map Map
via di Torre Argentina 21, Roma (RM)
Berlitz - Prati Map Map
via Virgilio 8, Roma (RM)
British Institutes Roma Map Map
via Aurelia 137, Roma (RM)
Centro Domus Aurea Map Map
via Palermo 61, Roma (RM)
Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri Map Map
piazza Bologna 1, Roma (RM)
Ciao Italia Map Map
via delle Frasche 5, Roma (RM)
Est Ovest Map Map
via Nazionale 230, Roma (RM)
Inlingua Albano Laziale Map Map
via Giacomo Matteotti 75, Albano Laziale (RM)
Inlingua Civitavecchia Map Map
via Annovazzi - Torre Europa , Civitavecchia (RM)
Inlingua Roma - Colombo Map Map
via Cristoforo Colombo 436, Roma (RM)
Inlingua Roma - Salandra Map Map
via Salandra 6, Roma (RM)
Inlingua Velletri Map Map
viale Roma 5, Velletri (RM)
International House - Dilit Map Map
via Marghera 22, Roma (RM)
Istituto Dante Alighieri Pomezia Map Map
piazza San Benedetto da Norcia 33, Pomezia (RM)
Istituto Italiano Map Map
via Machiavelli 33, Roma (RM)
It Club Map Map
via del Corso 303, Roma (RM)
Italia Idea Map Map
via dei due Macelli 47, Roma (RM)

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Stormtroopers Guerre Stellari – Play, Genoa from 9 March to 15 October 2017
From 9 march to 15 october 2017 over 1000 pieces including models, action figures and vintage prints – some on display in Italy for the first time – give visitors a chance to explore the most unforgettable scenes and characters from a world that still fascinates and thrills fans around the globe.
 Because the human body is a tree. Spring Awakening I In the garden
The initiative, which is scheduled to run from June 26th to September 13th, 2020, is inaugurating a temporary space for art in Corso Matteotti 5, in Milan, in the very heart of the city.
Aspetti naturaristici - Le immagini sono di proprietà dell\'APT Rieti The Saint Francis Walk
October 4 will be the festivity dedicated to Saint Francis, Patron of Italy: founder of the Order of the Smaller Friars and protector of the nature.



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