The most attractive areas of the peninsula, between sea, mountain and plain: pure nature, wild fauna and luxuriant flora; besides the informations about the botanic gardens where admire the more beauty flowers and the more rare trees.
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Nearby ... Bari
Orto Botanico
via Orabona 4, Bari (BA)
Nearby ... Brindisi
Riserva Naturale Statale Torre Guaceto
via Sant'Anna 6, Carovugno (BR)
Nearby ... Foggia
Riserva Statale Foresta Umbra
via Sant'Antonio Abate 121, Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)
Riserva Marina Isole Tremiti
via Sant'Antonio Abate 121, Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)
Parco Nazionale del Gargano
via Sant'Antonio Abate 121, Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)
La Salata Oasi Archeolocico - naturalistica
strada Provinciale 52 Vieste - Peschici , Vieste (FG)
Bosco della Difesa di San Matteo
via Convento San Matteo , San Marco in Lamis (FG)
Nearby ... Lecce
Riserva Statale Le Cesine
Lecce (LE)
Nearby ... Taranto
Oasi di Monte Sant'Elia
Massafra (TA)
Rifugio Palude La Vela
strada Statale 7 , Taranto (TA)
Grotta Bianca The Caves of Castellana
A travel indoors of the most italian karst structure did not expolred from the man, three kilometres between caves and abysses from the mythological and fantastic names.
Rossetto Outlet, shops and factory store in Italy
For who does not renounce at the quality of the big italian and foreign brands with a look at the economy, for who appreciates the handicraft products, for who thinks at the genuineness and at the freshness...
Fasano: panorama dalla Selva - Fototeca APT Brindisi Land of Brindisi
Land of Light, Land of History: various for resources and peculiar characteristics, and endowed with a natural identity and a common substratum linking up the coast and the hinterland ones, the people living on the gentle hills and those living in the towns, sweetly spread on the plain of Brindisi.



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Fun and Nature

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