Cattedrale di Santo Stefano
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Founded in the VI-VII century and rebuilt in the X century, the Cathedral of Santo Stefano represents an extraordinary example of romanesque-gothic architecutre. In the rich door is placed a splendid majolica with the "Madonna with the Child" and "Santo Stefano and San Lorenzo", of Andrea Della Robbia; on the right corner of the facade insteadm there is the outer pulpit of the "Sacro Cingolo", work of Donatello and Michelozzo. The inside of the church is constituted from three suggestive naves subdivided in six wide arcade; at the beginning of the left nave there is the fourteenth-century Chapel of the Sacra Cintola risen in the 1395 to reserve the preccious mariana relic and closed from a railing in bronze, reinassance work of Maso in Bartolomeo. In the Cappella Maggiore is of big interesting the cycle of frescos of the "Story of Santo Stefano and San Giovanni Battista" made by Filippo Lippi.
Prato Pulpito di Donatello Duomo
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